Tasteful ? Indeed. Paula Deen Lesbian

Good and Funny Paula Deen joke.

Lesbian Movie Scenes - Edge of Desire

Nice compilation of lesbian kissing scenes :)

Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams Lesbian Connections before Three Sexy Witches in Oz Great And Powerful

Seriously ...The Three Witches ...incredibly erotic and sensuous witches in spite of the two that are just nasty bitches, can't deny they are hot ..and the Good Witch with her goodness and purity in her bubble, are featured in Oz The Great And Powerful  Love that Disney is willing to give choice roles to women after their lesbian turns.  Let's discuss the cinematic and celeb history of these three.

Mila Kunis plays Theodora who morphs into the Wicked Witch of The West.  In a couple of previous lesbian roles, she and Zoe Saldana discuss the taste of a woman in a wonderful, funny, and romantic scene, plus they make love in the movie too in a hidden gem.  It's called After Sex, and the touching scene (will give you goose bumps) is below, plus you can stream the whole movie here.After Sex     And of course, Mila got the nickname "sweet lips" from best actress Oscar winner Natalie Portman for their lesbian kissing and sex scene performances in Black Swan, which can be cheaply streamed here. Black Swan

Rachel Weisz plays Evenora, one of the evil witches, and has yet to take on a lesbian role, but told Vanity Fair that she wants to according to this After Ellen blurb.  http://www.afterellen.com/blog/stubbs/rachel-weisz-is-into-being-a-lesbian-icon.  She was first place in a poll of lesbians in the category of "Women we'd love to love."

Michelle Williams, who plays Glinda to Good Witch is known (as well as Kansas sweet Annie, future mom of Dorothy Gale ...you know..Dorothy...as in "Toto TOO ?") for her very romantic and sexual turn in the movie If These Walls Could Talk 2
where she is pictured below in a very romantic kiss. In the Oz movie she is vuluptious, curvy, and her Kansas vulnerability on the surface is matched with her womanly strength as the true heroine of the movie.  There are rumors that Michelle is in a lesbian relationship with Busy Phillips. However, Busy says "I love her as deeply as I love almost anyone. But we don’t do it."

Good Witch from Oz Great And Powerful Glinda in Lesbian Kiss with Chloe Sevigny in If These Walls Could Talk 2

12 days of lesbian christmas

Presenting the Tasteful Lesbian 12 Days Of Christmas with lesbian gifts like a strap on harness and tickets to pride ..a pair of Vans...this is certainly safe for work and just a cute girls funny video. Merry Christmas :)

Cowgirl Up -Perfect for the Tasteful Lesbian

Cowgirl Up is a  fun / western / lesbian web only series that has really caught on and enjoys authenticity not commonly shared on a clearly low budget that you are responsible .  (Think PBS for lesbians, and on the web not the airwaves.)    The girls are beautiful, natural, flirty, and take on roles suited for their personality.  Enjoy Cowgirl Up and contribute to their goal of  $24, 943 ...which was $25,000 until the lovely ladies in the cast raised $7 in a bake sale and $50 in a sexy lesbian carwash fund raiser.   And as for the project, I mean, how can you resist "three bunkhouses full of feisty fillies and MILF-y mares."  You Go Nancylee

Game Of Thrones the new L Word ..why didn't you tell me ?

Game Of Thrones Lesbian Scene
I remember subscribing to Showtime network just to see the L word, and now I am fairly sucked in to alot of their programming and although there is a smidgeon of Lesbian intrigue on the network that brought us L word and the reality version of the show as well, their hit series like Shameless (one seething relationship became unrequited affection) United States of Tara (one of her personalities is a man so its technically girl on girl but in her mind, not really), Nurse Jackie (a characters relationship explored but nothing juicy), and Dexter...wait ..there hasn't been any lesbian scenes in Dexter...but gosh its a great show, their great shows don't seem to do the lesbian thing that much...no wait ..in Weeds the girl had a prison girlfriend...was that hot ?  I didn't see it, but what could be hotter than lesbian prison sex ?   I won't be committing any felonies to find out anytime soon.

  Anyway... I was watching Saturday Night Live last night and they did a skit where a boy helps write the scenes and seems to write in lots of breast reveals and lesbian scenes in the HBO show Game Of Thrones.   It was funny...but the scenery was superb.  HBO is expensive ...is it worth it for me to subscribe...based on the hotness factor of the scenes they showed just last night on NBC network TV, I am guessing I am missing something.